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Didactic Proposals 2016/2017

A green classroom in the open air - Discovering the Park...

Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli Park Authority has accumulated, in the thirty years after its establishment, a great heritage of knowledge and practices regarding Environmental Education and Naturalistic Didactics. The activities suggested by the Park through the subjects managing the Visitor Centers and through the Agreements with the Environmental Associations, have achieved visibility and success both at a local level and beyond.

A particularly important aspect is represented by the unitariness of the knowledge that gives the opportunity to suggest initiatives dealing transversally with the cultural features of the Park territory. This gives the opportunity to face environmental issues from different points of view, focusing on each aspect the territory is formed of, in order to examine all its peculiar features, without forgetting the unitariness that makes it unique above all to the eyes of those living in the Park and in its adjacent areas.

Within the Environmental Education Program the Park includes several activities of Summer Camps/Stays, promoted and organized by the Park's Visitor Centers (view the list below).

The goals the Park would like to achieve through Environmental Education and Naturalistic Didactic activities are:
- becoming a detached classroom in agreement with schools, that can offer the opportunity to carry out practical research, observation, and scientific activities, as well as information and cultural activities about issues linked to the territory;
- having the possibility to carry out permanent environmental education activities, involving the greatest number to users in collaboration with groups and associations;
- dealing with specific local features but, at the same time, guaranteeing information and research on the main environmental issues and the man-nature relationship;
- becoming and managing itself as part of a system of opportunities finding its meaning in the link and integration between workshops of the same territory, in order to have a broader field of action;
- combining education with planning, becoming a place of elaboration, management, and control of the activities carried out by the Park Authority.
In order to reach these aims, it is essential to involve partners as the school (school districts and comprehensive institutes), associations working in the field, local Authorities and the different training agencies, without forgetting that the territory of Pisa and Lucca is particularly rich in educational experiences, since it has already tested several extra-school activities. The educational and cultural sensitivity demonstrated by the local administrations in these years becomes a great opportunity in the planning and implementation of new initiatives.

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On the lake by boat
On the lake by boat
The horse as a working instrument
The horse as a working instrument