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Environmental Hiking Guides working in the Park's territory

Below you can find the names of the GUIDES RECOMMENDED BY THE PARK who join the policy document proposed by the Park Authority and who guarantee the carrying out of the guide services according to the Park Authority indications.

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  Di Sacco Federico
  Ferrantini Filippo
    Franceschi Francesco
    Frati Marco
  Marina di Pietrasanta (LU)
    Gelli Leonardo
    Ghirardi Ettore
    Grasseschi Giacomo
  Labate Marcello
    Lupo Sara
    Macchia Ugo
    Malquori Silvia
  Capezzano Pianore (LU)
    Marinelli Marcello
    Mariottini Andrea
  Morescalchi Tiffany
  Nuti Silvio
  Origlia Francesca
    Pala Maria
  Pensabene Giovanni
  Plastino Sara
    Puccetti Bartolomeo

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