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The Fratino path

On foot Accessible Trail         Great Interest: Flora Great Interest: Wildlife Great Interest: Bird Watching Great Interest: Photography 
  • Length: 350 m

On the 28th of March 2015 it was officially presented the new nature path of the San Rossore Park called 'Sentiero del fratino', in honor of the protected specie Charadrius Alexandrinus (fraction in Italian) living in the San Rossore's strand.

The itinerary, which is 350 m long, leads from the "Fortino Nuovo" to the beach, where one can enjoy the area's natural resources.

The itinerary crosses a woody area and enters the maquis until it reaches the dunes having an altitude of two meters above the sea level, and then it goes back down to the strand.

The path has been realized through platforms and boardwalks partially raised from the ground, therefore it is accessible also for people with disabilities. The route is delimited by wooden fences that do not damage the surrounding vegetation and the dunes' surface allowing people to reach the beach at the same time.

Along the route there are stop areas with didactic panels and observation points.