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Macchia Lucchese and Borbone Estate

The "Macchia Lucchese" is located in the northernmost coastal area of the Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli Park, and it extends on the landform separating the Massaciuccoli Lake from the sea, in the territory of the municipality of Viareggio (LU), between the built-up area of Viareggio and that of Torre del Lago. In the "Macchia Lucchese" we can identify a sequence of three types of environments: the coastal forest, the coastal swamplands behind the dunes and the beach.

Villa Borbone
Villa Borbone
  ItineraryTypology Interest
LeccionaLeccionaOn foot Accessible TrailOn foot
2 h 30 m
Great interest: Flora Great interest: Bird Watching Great interest: History Great interest: Photography