Living the Park

The knowledge, the understanding of the delicate balances of nature, the promotion of the territory, the rediscovery of the ancient taste of our traditions and the vocation of our lands, the astonishment for the beauty of our landscape or simply spending a nice day in a unique place…

The free and aware fruition of the Park is for us an essential element we want to relaunch in order to increase the awareness of the dependence between man and nature.

Parks help us in the pursuit of this symbiosis or, as J. F. Kennedy wrote: "Parks are the most complete example of an intelligent use of natural resources".

The aims of the Park Authority head towards the safeguard of the natural, environmental and historic peculiarities of Pisa and Lucca seashore for the social use of these values, as well as towards the advance of scientific research and naturalistic didactics (Italian Text).

We are convinced that, in order to protect nature, it is necessary to make people know and appreciate it making them aware of environmental themes.

Within the Park there are free access zones and zones that require the presence of the environmental guides, as it happens for some nature reserves.
(foto di Archivio Parco)

(foto di PR Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli)