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Hydrogeological constraint

Interventions in areas subject to hydrogeological constraint - the woods, in general - must be authorized. This kind of authorization has to verify the possible consequences of the intervention required on the hydrological function (originally, waters regulation, slopes stability, protection from winds; in full, the different functions of the woods) of the constrained areas.

The national law in force which is at the origin of the hydrogeological constraint is a Royal Decree of 1923 (RD 3267/1923) [in Italian]. In Tuscany, the matter has been sorted by the Forest Law of Tuscany [in Italian] (LR 21 March 2000, n. 39, and subsequent amendments and supplements).

According to the Forest Law of the Tuscany Regional Authority all of the woods of the Region are subject to geological constraint. Moreover, the same hydrogeological constraint discipline is also applied in the Park to the "reforestation zones" defined by the Plan for the Park (art. 6 of the Territorial Plan of the Park approved by resolution of the Regional Council 12.12.1989 n. 515).

In the woods of the park, then, the permissions regarding the hydrogeological constraint are issued contextually with the permit and regard all of the forest operations (shaved mowing, thinning, reforestations, related works, etc.).