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Monumental trees

The monumental trees are trees of outstanding natural beauty and for their historical age and size can be considered as rare examples of majesty and longevity, or they can have a specific reference to events or memories relevant from the standpoint of historical and cultural heritage or traditions. A tree with these characteristics, as defined by the Regional Law n. 60, 1998, is classified as a Monumental tree and it is inserted into a regional list, updated regularly. Since that time the tree is not only particularly protected and cared for but it is also brought to the knowledge of all so that everyone can enjoy its beauty.

In the Park there are currently 5 monumental trees: Holm oaks, English oaks, Cork oaks of exceptional size, species typical of Mediterranean forests or, as the english oak, of plain and mesophilic woods. There is also a Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum), a species typical of the marshes of north america and planted here by the Salviati family, which owned Migliarino since centuries; it fit very well into our "Lame" zone, as evidenced by one of the majestic specimen present. In Migliarino there is also the so called "Quercia del Cinto," an english oak that is isolated in a clearing among the pine forest and the reserve of Fiumaccio. And again, you can see many large cork oaks with theirs characteristic bark, including one specimen present in the list.
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