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LIFE Natura Dune Tosca

NATURE LIFE projects, co-financed by EU, aim to preserve (in an active way) and promote ecosystems of peculiar naturalistic relevance at European level, that are included in a sites network named of "Community importance" (Natura 2000 network). Normative instruments used are therefore the Community "Birds" Directive 79/409/CEE and "Habitats" Directive 92/42/CEE for the preservation and management of habitats and plant and animal species.

Preservation actions are of primary importance to restore habitats in degradation phases because of man activities. The lack of actions or the simple passive preservation could not be able to stop the evolution of such ecosystem, that, in the latest decades, protracts itself in the "wrong" direction, leading to a total disappearance of primary quality environments as regards flora, fauna and vegetation.

Even today, for instance in wetlands, thousands of migratory birds and a lot of other species pick these environments to build their nests or just to spend the winter there; often the sight of the passage of these birds induces anyone to stop and admire it, but the danger that this "show" ends is serious and real, as the after-written threats prove.

So the primary aim of NATURE LIFE Project is to restore the naturalistic worthiness of Community interest sites (SCI) named "Selva Pisana" and "Dune Litoranee di Torre del Lago", in particular the recover of sandy dunes strips and back-dune ponds. In the meantime, we also try to make aware the users of the seaside, that are involved in the Project, about the reasons that motivate the Regional Park to face the basic themes inserted in the Project itself. We also intend to develop a sustainable tourism, in which everyone is conscious of the naturalistic potentiality and the dangers that risk the seaside where the user spend their own holidays. This collective awareness would evolve the positive interaction between man and natural environment in these areas with the consequent improvement of SCI naturalistic functionality.

The main sections of NATURE LIFE Project "DUNETOSCA" are:

(foto di PR Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli)
Dunes, S. Rossore Estate
(foto di Luca Gorreri)