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Collecting of brushwood products

The collecting of brushwood products: mushrooms and berries

In the territory of the park the collecting of brushwood products is regulated by specific regulations that are part of the General Regulations of land use of this protected areal. In particular the mushrooms picking is allowed from April 1 to December 31 by holding a specific card that you get after passing the examination- interview and after a payment of € 14.59 for a total of three years. The forms can be obtained asking the headquarters of the Park.

The collecting is permitted three days a week ie on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and the mushrooms collected must be kept in ventilated containers such as wicker baskets. The amount is also regulated and it cannot exceed a kilo for each species and two kilos in total (of the species specifically listed), except for a single mushroom that can exceed a kilo. In this protected area the collecting is also regulated with regards to the size of the mushroom cap; in order to prevent the picker picking up small and immature fungus, it must not be less than four centimetres.

The woods present in the Park are mainly the ones of the Estates of San Rossore, Tombolo, Coltano, Migliarino, Maquis of Lucca, where the rare boletus grow, such as the Boletus aereus, the Leccinum Lepidum, the Agrocybe aegerita which grow on the poplars, ash trees and willow trees stumps, the coloured Russulas and the Suillus Granulatus (Granulated Bolete) arising primarily in the pinewoods. The parasol mushrooms (Macrolepiota procera) are also present, as well as Armillaria mellea and many Lactarius. All the mushrooms are also well illustrated with pictures and descriptions in the new text of Gorreri-Marchetti about The mushrooms of the Park, available at the park. The text also contains the complete regulations.

The mushroom picking is not allowed in nature reserves, in areas with young reforestations and in burned areas (fires).

The card also allows the regulated picking of asparagus for a quantity of 300 grams per person, blackberries (fruit of blackberry) for a kilo, myrtle and blackthorn berries (200 grams) and 500 grams of strawberry fruits. You can also collect wild edible species such as mallow, wild chicory, watercress etc for 15 stems per species.

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Caesar's mushroom
(foto di Archivio Parco)
Panther cap
(foto di Archivio Parco)
Laughing Gym
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