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Volunteering and Civil Service

The Civil Service is dedicated to young people participating to the projects, an opportunity to live a human and professional experience for 12 months, improving one's own knowledges and contributing to one's Country's social and cultural development. In fact, the Civil Service's main purpose is to contribute to the defense of the homeland, promote the national and international social solidarity, contribute to the safeguard and protection of the national heritage, especially regarding the environmental, forestry, historical-artistic sector and the Civil Protection.

The voluntary civil service guarantees a strong educational and training value to the young people, and it is a significant chance of personal growing, an education opportunity for the active citizenry, a precious tool to help the weakest bracket of the society and to contribute to our Country's social, cultural and economic development.

Those who choose to commit themselves to the Voluntary Civil Service for twelve months also choose to add a qualifying experience to their knowledges which will be useful in their working life, and it even guarantees a small economic independence.

Further modalities proposed by the Park Authority to volunteer within the protected area:

  • 1) Settimane del volontariato (Volunteering weeks)
  • 2) Amici del Parco (Park's friends)

The "Settimane del volontariato" program is dedicated to the young people and is organized in 2 weeks shifts. It allows volunteers to live in contact with nature and the Park's life. Volunteers, not more than 10, will have the opportunity to stay at the lodgings of the Park Authority.

Scheduled shifts:

  • 18th April - 1st May
  • 13th - 26th June
  • 18th - 31st July

To take part in one of the volunteering initiatives you have to fill the application form you can find on the website, and send it to the e-mail address volontariato@sanrossore.toscana.it.

"Amici del Parco" is the new program especially dedicated to the inhabitants of this territory who want to devote part of their free time to the conservation and the upkeep of the protected area's natural heritage.

To take part in the project participants have to fill in the application form and indicate the time they intend to put at the project's disposal.

The Park Authority needs the participants to take part at least in 10 activities a year.

PDF Application form "Amici del Parco" (25Kb)
PDF Application form "Settimane del Volontariato" (143Kb)
PDF Volunteering regulations (164Kb)

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Cleaning the beach
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Volunteering in the Park
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